THURS:   4pm – 8pm  
FRI:          2pm – 8pm  (Opening 2 hours earlier)!!!
SAT:         2pm – 8pm !!!
SUN:        2 pm – 8 pm !!!

We  have 5 taps weekly  to choose from and will refill your 32 ounce (aprox 1 litre) or 64 ounce (1.89 litre )”clean” bottles. 

Available in 1 litre and boston round fills:


Mainstays/Regulars ($7.00 – $12.00)*

-Bohemian Lager
-Raven Cream Ale
-Red Devil Pale Ale
-Vancouver Special IPA
-Dark Star Oatmeal Stout

Seasonals/One time Specials ($8.00 – $14.00)*


Van Soecial IPA

Our second release in the Mount Pleasant series “Weizenbock” is now available in    650 ml bottles at the growler station! $7 including taxes.


Our newest IPA release! “Vancouver Special” IPA available in 650 ml bottles.




*All our prices include the taxes*

 We do offer up to 5 samples of our beers (no repeats) by donation


There are also available  a variety of  650ml bottles & 6 packs. ( $6 – $14)
* Please  note that due to production issues we may have to make changes at the last

Updates will available on Twitter (RBGrowlers) or Facebook (RBBrewing)

1 Litre &1.89 GROWLER COST: $5.00
All costs INCLUDE all taxes!
PAYMENT: We will take Cash,Interac , Visa or MasterCard.

A well sealed growler can last a surprisingly long time.After you open the growler and pour your first beer, the clock has started ticking. The beer will probably go flat within two or three days. There is nothing wrong with flat beer, it just is not fizzy anymore. You can keep drinking it at that point if you want to or save it for cooking.  One thing to keep in mind, cold liquid holds carbonation better than warm so keep your growler in the refrigerator after you open it for the first time for best results.




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