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GROWLER GIFT CARDS! Purchase a growler gift card ($35 for 1 L size or $60 for 1.89L size) and receive a free growler!


THURS         4 – 8pm
FRIDAY         4 – 8 pm
SATURDAY  11 – 4pm

                                                                                                                                           We  have 5 taps weekly  to choose from and will refill your 32 ounce (aprox 1 litre) or 64 ounce (1.89 litre )”clean” bottles.*We have very few spare caps for 1 litre size, so please bring your washed caps.*


OUR FLAGSHIP BEERS ($7 – 9 for 1 Litre and $10-$12 for 1.89 Litre):

-Bohemian Lager
-Raven Cream Ale
-Hoppelganger IPA
-Dark Star Oatmeal Stout

SEASONALS ($8 – $14)
-Chambar Ale ( a Belgian style ale with coriander and dried orange peel)


While we would much prefer you to buy our R&B Growlers, but we will gladly fill your  growlers as long as they are clean!



Since this is a reusable container, there is some concern about cleanliness. Despite its blue collar image, beer is really a very delicate product.

For first rule for growlers or anything else that is going to hold beer is no detergent. Detergent messes up beer, often ruining the balanced flavours and aromas of a well brewed beer. The key is to completely rinse the growler. Make sure that all traces of whatever cleaning agent you used is completely gone. Using rinse water that is hotter than the water you washed with is a good way to make sure you do this.

Many growlers are made of clear glass. This is can be really bad for beer. Just a few moments in direct sunlight and your beer will be light-struck or skunked.  If you are bringing the growler in for a refill, just put it in a paper or cloth bag and that should solve the problem. (A cloth bag would give you the added benefit of making the growler less likely to break if you happen to accidentally knock it against something.)  Brown glass does not completely protect your beer from the sun but it helps a lot.

Once you get your full growler  home, store it in a dry, cool place. The refrigerator is the best option but if that is not possible, you can put your beer in a dark pantry or closet. Just make sure it is not near a register if your furnace is on. A well sealed growler can last a surprisingly long time.

After you open the growler and pour your first beer, the clock has started ticking. The beer will probably go flat within two or three days. There is nothing wrong with flat beer, it just is not fizzy anymore. You can keep drinking it at that point if you want to or save it for cooking. Marinating a steak in flat beer works just as well as in fizzy beer. One thing to keep in mind, cold liquid holds carbonation better than warm so keep your growler in the refrigerator after you open it for the first time for best results.




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