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What do we mean when we call ourselves “Vancouver’s Local Microbrewery”? I guess what we mean is that we’ve been brewing finely made, hand crafted ales and lagers in the heart of East Vancouver’s historic Brewery Creek district since 1997, with a commitment to keeping things modest, independent, and unique – some of the qualities we value and admire the most in our beautiful city. Located just off of Main street, one of Vancouver’s more recognizable cultural hubs, you’ll routinely hear punk rock, ska, and folk music blasting out of our doors as you take in the sweet smell of boiling wort and the grinding roar of our mill. Emblematic of both the area we live in, and the hearts and minds brewing your beer.


R&B Brewing Co. has always been, and will always be, just about as independent of a microbrewery as you’ll come across. Founded in 1997 by longtime friends and co-workers Rick Dellow and Barry Benson (the ‘R’ & ‘B’, respectively), R&B Brewing Co. was set up to stand in opposition to what the beer world had become – big, non-descript, faceless, and corporate. Combining over 60 years of brewing experience with some of the big guys, Rick and Barry sought to create deliciously hand crafted ales and lagers that would bear no resemblance to the world of big beer. Full-bodied and distinctly rich beer, using only the choicest malts, hops and yeast, would be the focus of the product, while the co-owners personalities would blend to create the marketing milieu – edgy, young, independent…definitely East Van.

Rick & Barry_n

BARRY BENSON (left) and RICK DELLOW (right)

Today we occupy the same modest location where we began,with a recent expansion and employ between seven to ten team members depending on the season, all of whom are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, most delicious beer in the province. Our guiding principles remain the same; we are small, modest, local, and honest, and we have no intention of ever changing that.

From Rick and Barry, and all of us at R&B Brewing Co.


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