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Raven label


STYLE: Cream Ale / Dark Mild R&B’s Raven Cream Ale is a dark, yet surprisingly light-bodied cream ale. Crystal, Whitbread Goldings, and Cascade hops are added to a carefully crafted blend of 2-Row, C-120, Roasted and Chocolate barley malts creating a truly drinkable beer with subtle nutty flavours and hints of chocolate.

(18 IBU, 4.8% ABV)

Available in: 20L & 50L kegs. 6packs &650ml bottles -SKU # 924084 -6 packs(4 x 6 x 341 ml) -SKU # 724377 -650ml bottles

FOOD PAIRINGS : Lighter food;chicken,salads, bratwurst,salmon.Light apricot or citrus cakes or tarts.

CHEESE PAIRINGS : Monterey Jack,brick or slightly nuttier cheeses.


Raven Cream-6pack

GOLD –  2011 BC Beer Awards
Silver  –  2009 Taste of B.C.
Silver –   2005 Canadian Brewing Awards
Silver  – 1998 World Beer Cup
Bronze – 2008 Taste of B.C.
Bronze – 2006 World Beer Cup ________________________________________________________________________

Red Devil label RED DEVIL PALE ALE

STYLE: English Pale Ale R&B’s Red Devil Pale Ale is an English-style pale ale with a coppery red hue. It is crafted with the palate and bouquet in mind. A mix of 2-Row and C-75 malts are accentuated by the addition of Crystal, Fuggles, and Whitbread Goldings hops.  In keeping with English tradition, this little devil has a hoppy floral aroma and malty sweetness, which are followed by a slightly dry and very refreshing finish (28 IBU, 5.2% ABV)   

Available in:R&B-Red Devil 20L, 50L, 650 ml -SKU                                            # 31773 – 650 ml bottles -Kegs in 20 L                                             and 50 L kegs,

FOOD PAIRINGS : Wide range of food;meat pies, burgers, bread puddings.
CHEESE PAIRINGS : English cheeses -Cheddar or Derby GLASSWARE: Pint Glass


Bronze –  2014 Canadian Brewing Awards
Silver –    2010 Canadian Brewing Awards
Silver –    2009 Canadian Brewing Awards
                                         Silver –    2007 Taste of B.C.

                                         Bronze – 2008 Taste of B.C.  ________________________________________________________________________Hoppelganger HOPPELGANGER IPA STYLE: English India Pale Ale R&B’s Hoppelganger IPA is a English style India Pale Ale with a twist of the Northwest Coast. A blend of Crystal, Columbus, Chinook, Mt. Hood, and Cascade Hops, is added to premium English, French-Belgian, and Canadian malts to create a fresh floral aroma and generous malt flavour.Hoppelganger’s clean and slightly sweet finish is followed by an aggressive hop bitterness. (45 IBU, 6.0% ABV)

Available in:-650 ml bottles , 20L and 50 L kegs 

FOOD PAIRINGS: Strong spicy foods (curry’s ), barbecued meats, lamb chops.
CHEESE PAIRINGS: Milder blue cheeses-Gorgonzola.

Silver –    2011 Canadian Brewing Awards
Silver –    2008 Taste of B.C. Bronze – 2005 Canadian Brewing Awards _________________________________________________________________________


STYLE: Czech style lager/pilsner R&B’s Bohemian Lager is a medium bodied beer with a golden colour and spicy aroma. Blending Caramel Pilsen malts with 2-Row and Pale Ale malts, this European-style pilsner is modestly hopped with Perle, Czech Saaz, and Mt. Hood hops, giving it a slight North American essence. We culture only the finest California-style lager yeast and ferment at a slightly lower temperature to create a snappy hop flavour with a clean, dry finish. (24 IBU, 5.0% ABV) *Available in draught only 20L and 50L* Order through the brewery

FOOD PAIRINGS: Great with lighter food: Chicken, salmon, bratwurst,,light desserts,lemon shortbread, fresh berries with sabayon.
CHEESE PAIRINGS: Mild cheddars
GLASSWARE: Flute or Pilsner style Glasses

AWARDS Silver –    2012 Canadian Brewing Awards Bronze – 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards _________________________________________________________________________   Sun God Wheat Ale  STYLE: Kristal Weizen R&B’s Sun God Wheat Ale is a North American style Kristal Weizen (a filtered wheat ale) producing a crisp, clear and refreshing beer. Significantly cleaner tasting than your typical Hefeweizen (unfiltered wheat ale), Sun God is a light-bodied wheat ale made with the highest quality Canadian wheat and 2-Row malted barley and is bittered and finished with premium German Perle hops producing a

delicate cereal flavour with a hint of wheat. (12 IBU, 4.2% ABV)  

Available in: -650 ml bottles at your favourite  liquor stores -Kegs – 20L and 50L through the brewery

FOOD PAIRINGS : Best with very light foods, salads, sushi,vegetable dishes.
GLASSWARE: Weizen glass- designed to capture  the aromas of this style of beer


SILVER –    2014 Canadian Brewing Awards
GOLD –      2013 Canadian Brewing Awards
GOLD  –     2012 Canadian Brewing Awards
GOLD   –    2012 North American Brewing Awards
GOLD   –    2010 Canadian Brewing Awards
GOLD   –   2005 Canadian Brewing Awards
Silver   –     2009 Canadian Brewing Awards Silver  –      2008 Canadian Brewing Awards Silver   –     2007 Canadian Brewing Awards Bronze  –   2009 Taste of B.C.     darkstar


STYLE: Oatmeal Stout R&B’s Dark Star Oatmeal Stout boasts a distinct roasted coffee flavour and cappuccino coloured head, and is completed with a complex chocolatey, malty bitterness. Dark Star is without a doubt our darkest beer, but its relatively high effervescence makes it surprisingly refreshing for a stout. Unquestionably our most involved malt blend, this dark and complex stout is brewed in memory of our late friend and employee, Jamie Kelly. (18 IBU, 4.6% ABV) Available in: -650 ml bottles at private and government liquor stores -Kegs in  20 L and 50L kegs through the brewery

FOOD PAIRINGS: BBQ, Grilled,Smoked meats, Oysters, Mexican mole,hearty Szechuan dishes.Chocolate or coffee based desserts.

CHEESE PAIRINGS: Very buttery or well aged cheeses.

GLASSWARE: Pint Glass or Mug

AWARDS GOLD – 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards


EAST SIDE BITTER STYLE: North American style Bitter This is not your typical English Extra Special Bitter. R&B Brewing used a combination of English and local malts to create this beer’s subtle malty canvas where hops are the main attraction. Northwest and New Zealand hops, and lots of them added to the kettle and a ridiculous amount added post fermentation give this beer its unique aroma and crisp refreshing finish. (30 IBU, 5.5% ABV) Available in: -650 ml bottles at private and government liquor stores -Kegs in 20 L and 50 L kegs through the brewery - 6 packs available only at private liquor stores ESB-6 FOOD PAIRINGS: Wide range of foods:roast chicken or pork,fish and chips,bread pudding

CHEESE PAIRINGS: Mild cheeses like Lancashire or Leicester.


AWARDS Silver –    2011 BC Beer Awards Bronze – 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards _____________________________________________________________________


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